Satisfied Customers

The portrait that you drew of my son in that tree was astonishing and so lifelike. Each year I have taken a picture of him to keep a memory of how much he has grown. The picture is truly a piece that I and my family will cherish through the generations to come. The details and lifelike appearance brings out the character of him each time I look at it. It is truly a center piece of conversation when company stops by. Thank you very much for creating such an important memory for me and my family.
— Steve, NY.

5x7" freehand "Classic" graphite portrait

I went with the complete business package and Kelsi outdid herself! She nailed the image I was going for. We even designed our first pin! Will definitely be using her for future services!!!
— Eric E., Sonic Evolution, NY

Social Media Banner, Graphic Ad,  "Whimsical"

Social Media Banner, Graphic Ad, "Whimsical"

We absolutely love Imbued Ink. We have used this custom art service for all our design needs, would recommend this service to anyone.
— Timothy P., Saratoga Designated Drivers, NY.

Loved the logo Kels and I came up with. She did a great job working with me until we found the right mix. I also adore her custom craft pieces!
— Abigail S., Photographer, NY.

Beautiful sketch of our Christmas photo carved by hand by a talented young artist! See for yourself!
— Kathy J., NY
Wood Burned Portrait, 8" diameter natural border round plaque

Wood Burned Portrait, 8" diameter natural border round plaque